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Hot Air SMD Rework Stations

FINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> coreFINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> core<sup>plus</sup>FINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> pico rsFINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> micro rsFINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> jumbo rs
pico rs
micro rs
jumbo rs
  • Rework with the greatest accuracy during positioning
  • 98% Reproducibility of the process parameters
  • Low heat exposure by hot-/cold gas mixing
  • Highest Precision
  • Little Maintenance
  • Modular Construction
  • Minimal Set-up Times

Highest placement precision,
proven in practical high tech applications.

Maximum amount of information
available to the operator during alignment: simultaneous view of component's and substrate's whole contact areas.

Patented original:
The only unit world wide that has a fixed beam splitter (giving excellent placement precision) and functions with only one single beam splitting element (obtaining good image contrast) to view the optical overlay.

Mininmum of maintenance
and highest precision, only one moving component: the Placement Arm.

Optical positioning system
with high magnification. Viewing on monitor and through stereo microscope / video camera same time.

Very rapid rough and fine positioning
using the air cushion table, central magnet and micrometer adjustments.

Modular construction
permits easy retrofitting and changing over of options to customer's requirements. Tools available covering the whole rework process.

Hot Gas Modules
for rapid heating by hot air or nitrogen, low heat-up of component and it's surroundings during soldering, optimal reproducible process parameters by means of PC control and unique COMISS.

Watching the reflow process
and inspecting its results, directly with the same optical equipment or by acute-angled Inspection Video systems.

Solder Removal Module
and Micro Stencils available for perfect site dressing.

to rescue from desoldered components.