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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems

Exhaust Air Cleaning

Why do people need fume extraction systems?

Many types of dust and fumes are hazardous to health if inhaled. People can become permanently sensitised to fumes which means that continued exposure, even to very small amounts of fume may cause asthma attacks and the person affected may never be able to carry out that work again!

Because of this, employees should be protected by the best fume extraction systems available.

Why fume extraction is essential:

  • Prevents serious conditions such as occupational asthma and cancer
  • Reduces absenteeism and improves employer relations
  • Improves the working environment

Why doe the employer need fume extraction systems?

Many industrial processes such as soldering, laser processing and welding produce dust and fumes which are hazardous to health and which can also reduce productivity or spoil the product. Fumes can also damage expensive production equipment and cause extensive downtime for repair and/or cleaning.

Local and International health and safety regulations require the employer to protect personnel from hazardous dust and fumes. Failure to do so can result in expensive compensation claims and fines.

Why fume extraction is essential:

  • To comply with COSHH, OSHA or equivalent local regulations
  • To avoid expensive health compensation claims from employees
  • To comply with local environmental legislation
  • To prevent damage to products or equipment
  • To prevent expensive downtime

Filtration Method

Regularly stopping production to change blocked filters can be a time consuming and expensive process, so long filter life is essential to keep costs low.

The lifespan of a filter depends on it’s ability to capture dust particles without restricting airflow through the filter.

The more dust a filter can hold without blocking, the longer it will last. The patented Labyrinth™ pre-filter prevents premature blockage of the main filter by removing larger dust particles from the airstream before they enter the main filter.

The Labyrinth™ bag prefilters offers around ten times the life of a normal prefilter by capturing dust in a graduated fibre density matrix.

This matrix has excellent dust holding capacity while still allowing air to flow through the filter.

The main HEPA filters utilise a reinforced pleated design which offers greater life than normal filters as reinforcement allows the use of high pressure blowers that are able to draw air through partially blocked filters for much longer, vastly increasing their life.

In independent tests, main HEPA filters removed 99.997% of all particles above 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.01 microns.

A activated carbon layer is also used to remove hazardous gas from the airstream.

To reduce downtime, all filters are easily accessible and can be changed (independently) in seconds without the use of any tools.

Suction direction is from bottom to top (not FumeCube / FumeBuster). Through the 90 ° reverse flow heavy particles sink down and deposits on the main filter can be prevented.

The standad main filters are equipped with HEPA part and treated activated carbon, e.g. to neutralize acid flux fumes.

Patented Labyrinth™ bag prefilters to adsorb particles especially if used in the patented inline-filter locker.

System- and Filter configuration can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the application.

Main and pre-filter will be taken back after use by the JOERNS GmbH and a waste disposal company for proper disposal fed (hazardous waste). Guarantees with a certificate the legal disposal of the used filters. This will be send to Your environmental manager.