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The JOERNS GmbH is supplier of innovative production equipments for the electronic industry and smoke - gas - and dust extraction systems for all production areas.

After its founding in 1992, the company initially was focused on rework equipments, additional extraction systems were added later to round up the product range in the delivery program.

Products are offered on the full range, starting from simple hand soldering technology about cost effective repair stations to digital extraction systems for laser industry.

A full product warehouse guarantees short delivery times, orders are usually delivered the next day.

The JOERNS GmbH reacts flexibly to customers needs and developeds in terms of customers efficient solutions for specific application requirements.

We appreciate the intimate relationship with our customers and the individual approach to every project.

With our high level of service, our expertise and our economic and durable products, we convince the world demanding clients from diverse industries.

We offer only high quality products that keep pace with technological developments in the market step.

Leading electronics companies rely on the expertise and products from our distribution program for years.

The clientele of the company includes a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, aviation, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, food processing, optoelectronics, defense, universities and research institutions.

The JOERNS GmbH serves installations in Europe, working with small businesses as well as together with multinational corporations.

Headquarters is DE-34454 Bad Arolsen - Massenhausen - Briloner Str. 21

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Smoke, gas and dust extraction systems, SMD/THT repair systems, manufacturing equipment, tools and service for the electronics industry.