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ONYX Reworkstations for
surface mounted device

Reworkstation ONYX 21Reworkstation ONYX 24Reworkstation ONYX 25Reworkstation ONYX 29Reworkstation ONYX 32
  • Rework with the greatest accuracy during positioning
  • 98% Reproducibility of the process parameters
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rapid, uncomplicated nozzle change
  • Short heat-up time with powerful, effective heating system

Precise positioning
practically tested in the high-tech area.

Detailed information
for the operator by simultaneously displaying the entire contact areas of the component and substrate during positioning.

Optical positioning system
with high magnification.

for fastest soldering with compressed air or inert gas with low heat load of component and environment. Optimally reproducible process through PC control.

Monitoring of the reflow process
and inspection directly with the same optics or, at an acute angle, by means of process video system.

Contactless solder extraction
for optimum soldering preparation.