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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems

System Selection

For different applications are specially developed extraction systems available.

Digital Systems either via:

  • Flow control

Display flow control

For applications with high flow rates / hose diameters, for example in laser marking / cutting / welding or for integration into production processes.

  • Vacuum control

Display vacuum control

For applications with low flow rates / hose diameters, for example for workstations.

Digital extraction systems are available with flow rates of 200m³/h up to 5000m³/h.

When selecting a suction capacity of at least 50% should be considered Reserve.
Case of a required extraction volume of 200m ³ / h, therefore, a system with 400m ³ / h max. suction capacity can be selected, ensure adequate control section is available.

Dgital Extraction Systems 9000

Analogue Extraction Systems

Analogue Systems are exclusively vacuum controlled and are usually used as a working space stations or in smaller marking, cutting, welding, engraving lasers.