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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems

Performance Characteristics

  • Device configuration and filters on the requirements, the application
  • Microprocessor-controlled high-pressure pump with brushless motor
  • Flow rates between 200m³/h and 5000m³/h
  • Digital™ Control program with graphic display
  • Air flow control by digital differential pressure measurement
  • Controlled flow rate guarantees constant extraction results
  • Continuous monitoring of cleaned air (particle, gas, temperature, suction) with visual and audible alarm
  • Patentet Labyrinth™ Bagfilters, filter classes F6 to F9 to receive particles >0,5µm
  • Main filter combinations with HEPA filter and treated activated carbon
  • H14 HEPA-Filters for receiving 99,997% of all particles >0,3 Mikron and 95% of the particles up to a size of 0,01µm
  • Activated carbon filter (single or double activated) for neutralization of process gases and smells
  • Reverse flow configuration for extended filter life
  • Recirculation mode saves heating energy loss and structural modifications

System Features

  • Low energy consumption through variable speed motor and automatic control of the suction flow
  • Constant suction ensures reproducible parameters, protects product and material
  • Increased filter life due to optimized suction
  • Enhanced protection of personnel through continuous monitoring of air emissions
  • Interface for communication with connected devices / machines
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing in protection class IP56

System Functions

  • Automatic electronic flow control ensures a constant suction flow until complete saturation of the filter
  • Stepless adjustable exhaust rate
  • Clear and informative graphic display
  • Gas- particle and temperature sensors monitor the quality of the cleaned air
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Quick and easy filter change
  • All devices are equipped as standard with a three-stage filtering
  • Low noise operation