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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems

Analogue Control System

Analog Control System

Innovative control- monitoring- and display- system of analogue extraction systems.

A budget version of the Digital system but with many excellent features. This system is supplied on the FumeCube, FumeBuster, Alpha and Xbase fume extractors.

All functions are fully automatic, the only setting that needs to be made ​​during installation is the size of the suction flow.

Speed Control:
Set the airflow rate to the optimum level.

Automatic Flow Control:
To prevent loss of airflow as the filter becomes blocked, the closed loop flow control system automatically adjusts the speed of the motor to maintain a constant airflow throughout the life of the filter, thus making the filter last longer.

VariColour Filter Blocked Warning:
Alerts the operator when a filter starts to block so that a replacement can be acquired and downtime can be avoided.

VariColour Warning System

VariColour Warning System


Green = the filter is clean
Yellow= supply replacement filter
Red   = the filter is blocked (in combination with acoustic signal)


  • Automatic electronic flow control
  • Speed control
  • VariColour™ Warning System
  • Exceptionally low capital and running costs
  • No installation required
  • Submicronic particle and gas filtration
  • Massive HEPA main filter
  • Excellent filter life
  • Mobile design (FumeCube / FumeBuster)
  • Castors for increased mobility (Alpha / Xbase)
  • Robust construction - Stainless steel
  • Whisper Stream™ - Quiet operation