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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems

Analog Extraction Table

Analog Extraction Table

Extraction table for protection during grinding, welding or gluing.

Table with integrated extraction and filtration.

The table top is made of perforated sheet metal, is extracted via the complete table surface.

Optional use of a HEPA filter or activated carbon filter.


  • F5 Pre filter pad
  • HEPA filter 600 x 600 x 100mm
  • Activated carbon filter 600 x 600 x 100mm


  • Three-sided spark guard, height 150mm
  • Front foot shield

Technical specificationsExtraction Table
Part number104.041.000.000
Voltage230V ±10%
Sound rating64dBA
air velocity1m/s
Dimesions wxdxh800x680x840mm
Weight (incl. filters)70kg