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Fume- Gas- and Dust- Extraction Systems


Suction direction is from bottom to top (not FumeCube / FumeBuster).
Through the 90 ° reverse flow heavy particles sink down and deposits on the main filter can be prevented.

The standard main filters are equipped with a HEPA part and treated activated carbon, e.g. to neutralize acid flux fumes or unwholesome gases.

Patented Labyrinth™ bag prefilter offer a high capacity to collect particles and allows her long life.

System- and Filter configuration can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the application.

JOERNS GmbH was the first company which established a full recycle-management for used filters. As most filters will contain hazardous material especially when laser were involved, (if for example PVC is lasered, acid will be produced), the filters have to be disposed by legal companies, who follow special laws. All our filters have an own serialno. and are noticed by JOERNS GmbH from the delivery-date till the feedback from the disposal-company.

JOERNS GmbH will take back Main and pre-filter after use and a waste disposal company for proper disposal fed (hazardous waste) will disposal the filters. A proof of the legal disposal than will send to your environmental management. JOERN GmbH will take back the used filters after JOERNS GmbH has been informed that the filters are ready to be collected.

Filter interface model
  1. Reverse air flow system
    The contaminated air passes slows and turns Slows and turns (90 degrees) which forces larger particles out of the airstream thus preventing premature blockage of the main filter.
  2. Air equalisation plates
    Reinforce the filter and increase filter life by ensuring the whole of the filter media is used.
  3. Reinforced HEPA element
    A membrane that is 100 times stronger than the HEPA media itself is used to ensure that the filter cannot split under high pressure.
  4. Activated Carbon layer
    An activated carbon layer ensures that hazardous gases are removed from the airstream.
  5. Purified air returned to workplace
    The exhaust air from a Purex unit is usually cleaner than the ambient air in the workplace.

Filter stage 1

Labyrinth™ bag pre-filters

Extends the life of the main filter by capturing larger particles before they reach the HEPA filter.

Labyrinth™ pre-filter
There are two possibilities to use Labyrinth™ bag pre-filters:
  1. Built in the fume-extraction-machines (Used in case of narrow space as the dimensions of the machine only rice in hight).
  2. Used in separate patented Inline-filters (take double space of a machine. The lifetime of a used bagfilter is about 10-20-times higher than on the built in filter). Graduated fibre matrix delivers excellent particle capture capacity - up to 20 times more than a standard filter.
Bag-filters collect the particles only in the filter-material and not in the space between the walls. This is different from the collecting-method of vacuum cleaners.

Ideal for medium-high volume applications.

Can deal with sticky or moisture laden particles.

Composite material available for extra filter life and filtration down to 0.5 micron.

Contains the particles inside for clean and simple disposal.
For units serving the pure Fume and thus do not require a bag filter, a prefilter plate is used in the main filter. It consists of a flow of two different densities.Prefilter plate

Filter stage 2

HEPA* filter in submicron range

In the main filter reinforced comes not  bursting materials for use to remove the smallest particles from the air stream.

HEPA filter
*High Efficiency
Particulate Airfilter
HEPA filters remove 99.997% of all particles above 0.3 µm and 95% down to 0.01 µm.

Particle 10µm
Particle 0,3µm

The standard filter has a surface area of 4.03 m².

Standard main filter are designed as combination with H14 HEPA filter and activated carbon in some part and serve to receive particulate matter as well as the neutralization of vapors and gases.

The housings off all filters are made of galvanized sheet steel and guaranty sealed stability.

Filter stage 3

Activated carbon filter

An efficient active carbon layer in the main filter adsorbs toxic gases before the clean air is returned to the workplace.

Activated carbon filter
Available are simply activated- and double activated carbon.

Depending on the nature of the resulting process gases, a specially treated activated carbon is offered.

Standard main filter are designed as combination with H14 HEPA filter and activated carbon in some part and serve to receive particulate matter as well as the neutralization of vapors and gases.

The standard filter #113.505 has an activated carbon range of 7kg.

The housings are made of galvanized sheet steel.