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ALS2- Desoldering System
for Through Hole Technology

Desoldering system ALS 2 

A high quality manual desoldering system with unsurpassed solder suction and heat capacity can be used for desoldering tasks on through-hole components for simply laminated boards or multi-layer circuits likewise.

Despite the rapid development of SMT the use of THT will continue.

Air powered desoldering systems are approved, because they provide a high suction power for the transport of the liquid solder immediately. Systems with vaccum-pumps are inefficient and slowness: The vacuum does not suck with full vacuum at the beginning, because the vacuum rises up during the pumps get going.

The unit is equipped with a table unit, which produces suddenly a high airsuction by a venturi system without any inertia triggered by a footswitch powerful suction to remove the liquid solder from the holes.

Desoldering iron

The liquid solder is transported through a tip and an intermediate fitting which is heated up by the iron to a glas-reservoir with a solder-trap to cool down the solder. The hard glass tube is mounted on the iron handle and guarantees at all times a clear view of the filling.

When the glass is full, it can be easily cleaned with a special brush.

A iron deposit can be placed either on or off the table unit.

The desoldering iron is powered with an isolated low voltage protection.

A socket for the potential compensation is on the front panel and is connected via a high resistance (1 MOhm), with the hollow point.
The metal case is earthed.


  • High heat capacity (70W iron)
  • Powerful suction air
  • 24V Desoldering piston suitable for FET and MOS technology
  • Potential equalization between desoldering unit and board
  • Safety isolating transformer guarantees galvanic isolation of power and iron
  • All Operating and connection elements easily accessible on the front
  • Suction (vacuum) is available immediately triggered via footswitch
  • Blockage-free transport of the liquid solder by hot intermediate-fitting
  • Various copper hollow tips with stainless steel inner shell for optimum heat transfer and mechanical stability
  • Temperature reduction of 50% in "standby" mode
  • Hard glass tube as a solder deposit, level visible at all times, easy cleaning

Technical Specifications
Article code108.170.100.000
Required air pressure6bar
Temperature 50%190°C
Temperature 100%300°C
Heating time 0 - 100%3min
Heating time 50 - 100%40sec