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Solder Baths

Solder Pots

The Solder pots are suited to the enduring soldering and tinning of electrical components, wires, braid, connectors, plugs and so on. They are also suitable for the exposure and tinning of enamel-insulated wires and braid.

All solder pots have been developed and manufactured for long term application. Different size solder pots are avaible for different applications.

We have used our extensive knowledge to install the heater in such a way that it does not wear. Optimum heat conduction and different control possibilities according to task, enable sure-fire function and a economical solder assembly.


  • Extra ordinary long life
  • Good heat conductivity
  • Constantly good solder results
  • Application applicable designs
  • Low costs
  • Oxidation free heater
  • Solder pot temperature up to 500°C
  • Lower power consumption
  • Large solder pot surface resistance
  • Precise temperature regulation in the TE model

Solder Bath ZWS-30S
with integral switch
with cable
Solder Bath ZWS-30S
Solder Bath ZWS-30R
with voltage regulator
with cable and plug
Solder Bath ZWS-30R
Solder Bath ZWS-30TE
with electronic temperature regulation in seperate housing
without cable
Solder Bath ZWS-30TE
Solder Bath Dim. (Ø)58/30mm
Solder Bath Depth80mm
Solder content0,5kg
Temperature (max)450°C
Supply Voltage230V
Power Rating300W
Dimensions (LxBxH)255x80x116mm

Temperature control unit LBR 2 for High-Performance Soldering Irons and Solder Bath
Cable connectionfixed cablewith socket in back panelwith socket in front panel
Supply Voltage230V230V230V
To be used forRegulated High-End Soldering Irons and Solder Baths
LBR 2 StandardLBR 2 Type ALBR 2 Type B