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Gas generators for generating hydrogen and oxygen for brazing and welding


Electrolysis : Extract the hydrogen and the oxygen present in water

Electrolysis of water is a process discovered in 1800 which consists in decomposing water in gaseous hydrogen and oxygen.

This electrochemical reaction is generated by the passage of an electric current between two electrodes immerged in a saline solution. This solution, called « electrolyte », is rendered conductive through potassium hydroxide.

The electric current forced between the two electrodes generate an emission of hydrogen at the surface of the cathode and of oxygen at the surface of the anode.

These two gases, ingeniously mixed, allow us to obtain a clean combustible adapted to the production of a high performing flame.

Bulane’s technological contribution allows to offer functional applications, reliable and safe to this process.


  • Hydrogen is the atom placed in first position in the periodic table. It is the simplest one: a nucleus made out of 1 proton, and one peripheric electron.
  • Thus, it is the lightest atom, a lot lighter than air. This quality allows it to diffuse very rapidly, which is a very favorable quality for the safety of its usage.
  • Some general characteristics about hydrogen:
    • It is the only combustible without carbons, so it doesn’t produce CO2 during combustion
    • It is very a bundant on Earth, in a molecular form (water, hydrocarbons) and practically inexistant in its natural form as an atom
    • It is non-toxic
    • The calorific value of hydrogen is the highest of all existing combustibles: this explains the interest that energy experts find in it


The dyomix® solutions brings about advantages in comfort and reduces arduousness for your operators.


  • No distribution and no storage of dangerous gases: reduce your industrial risks by producing your own gas on site and on demand, there where you need it. All you need to store now is water. No more risks of leakages on the network.
  • Advantages for the health of your operators: no CO2 emissions, a flame without fumes and without UV light, a lighter (-35%) and more ergonomic torch, (rotating fitting), less manhandling now usually due to gas racks and cylinders. Minimize the professional risks which can change the health of your operators.


  • Reduction of oxydation and respect braze joints: thanks to the permanent neutral and leading flame, the quality level of the joints brazed is held constantly high and the mechanical properties are maintained and garanteed.


  • +10% increase in productivity through a flame with high thermal conductivity
  • Time gains: no more manhandling of gas cylinders and racks, no more managing, stocking and planing.
  • Monitor your activity: on the contrary to a gas cylinder, dyomix® is an intelligent tool which allows you to follow the activity of your production chain in real time.


  • Less efforts: As of now, your gas is produced on demand, right next to you. There is no more manhandling linked to gas racks and cylinders. dyomix®, that’s also a lighter torch (-35%), a more ergonomic torch through the brotating fitting, and a torch without oxygen settings.
  • Less toxic: Dyomix reduces by a factor of 7 the toxicity of the working stations due to the presence of carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Less loud: – 30dB(A) more silent (depending on the setting the operator chooses) in comparison to an acetylene station.
  • Zero UV light: The dyomix® flame does not emit any UV light. No more tainted goggles.


ModelEfficiency Max Gas
dyomix® 41050 l/h
dyomix® 4
dyomix® 61600 l/h
dyomix® 6
dyomix® 92250 l/h
dyomix® 9
dyomix® 123200 l/h
dyomix® 12